One thought on “ReBrand: East Kilbride FC

  1. So much better. I’m from EK and the badge just looks wrong. I like the shield shape, but the text looks bad and everything is in the wrong place. Frankly it’s a clusterf**k and a total mess. I love your design, but you should change the shade of gold to match the original crest. That would be my only advice. (Even though the kit EK play in has the shade of gold shown in your redesigned crest, I just think the original crest’s shade of gold looks classier).

    Is there any chance you could post this redesign to the EKFC club website? the url is

    Just click on their “contact” link on the menu and send them it in an email, with your explanation/summary of the change included. I actually think there’s a good chance they’d adopt this redesign. You have a real talent for this. Some of your other stuff looks amazing!


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